Property Map
Dome (Coming Soon in Mid 2024) Heritage Barn with Vision Dome Inside Vision Dome Lodge Star Seed Interactive Sculpture (Coming Soon in Mid 2024) Grandfather Tree Cedar Soak Tub Panoramic Sauna Grand Chalet Firepit Lake Firepit Lake AKERA Tea House Mystical Cave Grand Chalet Le Petite Chalet Carriage House Sanctuary Arch Slack Line Nature Trail Hammock Haven Running Water Workshop Garage Farmhouse - AKERA Operational Headquarters Garden Entrance

Dome (Coming Soon in Mid 2024)

The Dome is a 60 foot diameter geodesic dome perched on the top of the property, for the best views, housing a cozy gathering space and 3 bathrooms. The dome is designed with sacred geometry to allow visitors to fully embrace their surroundings in a peaceful environment. Open dance and workshop space, flexible for any type of event. Designed for open dance parties, workshops, special events, and ceremonies, the dome is a versatile space for healing and various activities. Roll out the yoga mat, floor mattress, or meditation pillow and relax on the heated floor.

Heritage Barn with Vision Dome

AKERA is home to a 6 meter dome, which houses an immersive, multi-sensory psychoactive experience that weaves together breathwork, sound healing and sacred geometry to create a space of awakening, self-love, expanded consciousness and healing.

Inside Vision Dome


This country dance studio is an open 20' by 35' space to gather, create and/or play till your heart's content, with a fully wood paneled interior, and smooth wood flooring, this space is perfect for events, workshops, and long nights on the dance floor.

Star Seed Interactive Sculpture (Coming Soon in Mid 2024)

AKERA is home to Star Seed (a Burning Man favorite), a select piece of interactive art, by artist Kate Raudenbush. Find pockets of serenity and/or solitude to connect with self, others and/or nature, as you climb on Star Seed for unforgettable mountain and forest views. At 42 feet in height, three sets of curvilinear roots arc their way down and offer a pathway of ascent up thorn-like stairs. Built-in hand holds, foot holds and railings assist the adventurer up 21 feet to a serene refuge in the sky. Built around the geometry of three interlocking circles (a symbol of creation and cell division), octahedrons (one of the Platonic Solids, the shapes of the simplest chemical building blocks of all matter in the universe), this aerial refuge is made of curvilinear organic plant shapes and elevates the visitor in one of three 6-foot wide cushioned lounge areas . Gathering around an illuminated central pyramid table, or resting on its leaf-like walls and gazing upwards, you see the geometry of the entire structure of leaves radiating out above you. At night: I imagine hours spent with friends, gathering in this astral bower, when the central pyramid glows like an amber yellow fire, inviting connection around a galactic seed pod in the sky.

This interactive sculpture expresses the story of the evolution of the human spirit from the roots of Burning Man culture. For many of us, it is this fertile soil of shared experience - where we are at once unplugged from the world and synchronistically tapped into each other - that we rediscover our creativity, our absurdity, our freedom, generosity, trust and our pure raw joy. We have created our own myths and our own rituals, and we live by ethics of our own making. We have built sacred spaces and created transformational art, and we have learned to let them go. We have surrendered to the rhythms of sunset and moonrise, and moon set and sunrise. We feel the vastness of possibility. We feel hope for humanity. We feel it, because we have created it. And because we created this seed from this divine common ground, we live it fearlessly. Star Seed occupies that space where our earth-bound bodies root in the dust, gather together, and rise to meet our higher selves.

Grandfather Tree

Connect with nature on a raised platform in the Grandfather tree.

Cedar Soak Tub

Discover restoration while you sit in stillness, basking in AKERA’s cedar soaking hot tub immersed in nature, as you overlook the pristine Catskill Mountains with horizon views of sunset and sunrise. This unique bathing experience with a one-of-a-kind cedar.

Panoramic Sauna

Connect to nature and relaxation in AKERA’s timeliness barrel shape cedar (8 person) sauna with wooden benches to enjoy the company of friends and/or loved ones taking in the aromatic scents of cedar and the panoramic views of the fields, distant mountains and forest.

Grand Chalet Firepit

There is something magical about gathering around a campfire in nature, observing all the night sky have to offer.

Lake Firepit

There is something magical about gathering around a campfire in nature, observing all the night sky have to offer.


Explore the natural beauty AKERA Lake and shore has to offer.

Tea House

Perched on the hill, this space provides the serene atmosphere to look out to the horizon, meditation, relax, be present and reconnect to oneself, others, and nature.

Mystical Cave

Natural rock formation to take shelter and relax, meditate, and/or explore what nature has to offer.

Grand Chalet

The Grand Chalet is a perfect getaway and gathering place for close friends and family. The Swiss-style chalet is nestled atop a hill on 123 acres of woodlands and wild forests, with epic natural views from every side and window. The chalet and its grounds provide a perfect place to immerse yourself in nature while having the comfort and privacy of a beautiful home.

Le Petite Chalet

Le Petite Chalet is a luxurious and rustic space to be enjoyed alone, with companions or as a family. The chalet's lower floor has its own private wooden deck facing a field bordered by the forest. The upper floor features large windows that will make you feel like you are immersed, yet comfortably sheltered in the forest.

Carriage House

The Carriage House is an elegant and rustic space to be enjoyed alone or with beloved companions. This cabin is cozy yet spacious and the perfect place to find privacy and solace in the forest. It's a great space to find peace and quiet while being comfortable and surrounded by nature. Tucked into the forest next to the Sanctuary, the Carriage House is a cozy home away from home.


The Sanctuary is a gathering space for ceremony, workshops, intimate dinners, and group experiences. It has been artistically built and designed to evoke an experience where presence, connection, and transformation may occur.


Stone archway, creating an entry into the field, perfect location for ceremonies, photos, and/or just watching the sunrise.

Slack Line

Come test out your skills or have a team building exercise with the slack line at AKERA.

Nature Trail

Multiple trails to explore the 123 acres!

Hammock Haven

Location amongst the trees to relax and unwind, while connecting with nature.

Running Water

Running Water Below the Lake



Farmhouse - AKERA Operational Headquarters