AKERA is a generational retreat center and interactive playground where you can do what inspires you – or just be.

Nestled in the Catskill Mountains foothills in Woodbourne, New York, AKERA was designed with love to ignite your sense of childlike wonder and inspiration.

Our Tenets

Cultivate Connection

We believe the best things in life come through when we are open to the connections await us.

Celebrate Childlike Wonder

Take off your mask and play, create, and be wildly curious with childlike innocence.

Encourage Sharing

Cultivating space for openness and generosity — beyond scarcity and fear.

Honor Ancestral Roots

The exchange of indigenous, cultural, and academic knowledge allows us to take accountability for ourselves and our planet.


Embrace the Sacred Mess

We embrace the difficulties and complexities of life and relationship. This is a safe container for transformation and inner alchemy.

Uplift Interdependence

We believe in each person holding their piece of the puzzle. We each own our role in the tapestry of the world.

Live in Gratitude

Gratitude is the medicine that turns what we have into enough. Living consciously in each moment. Creating a container for presence.

Create Beauty

Thoughtfully designed to invite in softness, beauty in all its forms, and intimacy.


The AKERA Logo

Our logo symbolizes interconnectedness within our universe. It’s a timeless symbol of our connections to everything around us, and a powerful reminder that our own joy and health are inextricably interwoven with all living things.

The tree of life is more than just a logo for AKERA, it's the idea behind our mission. The roots represent where we're from and to stay grounded. The trunk stands for inner strength. The leaves represent each individual, who is different in their own way but belong to a greater whole.

Who We Are

Akera was built by best friends and family, as a way to give back. A place to give back. An experience to share.

The name Akera comes from the first letters of our kids’ names.

We feel so fortunate to have been in places where transformational experiences happen, from a simple room created with love, to Burning Man, that we wanted to create a place where inspiration, unity, and transformation may blossom.

Akera is created as an intergenerational experience - nourishing our children (all our children,) and honoring our parents (all our parents.) To love, learn, and be.

Nature, art, togetherness, celebration of the blessed basics, and exploration of the possible.



Our story is just as much about our guests as it is about our founders. Read our testimonials.

"AKERA is a magical place to immerse yourself in nature and community. The various spaces, from the kitchen to the sanctuary, provide opportunities to gather in comfort and beauty. During my stay there, I never wanted for anything and was able to completely unplug and relax. I highly recommend this space for retreats or big family/friend gatherings. It won’t disappoint! The space was beautiful! I love how it created so many opportunities to be in community with others. The sanctuary is such a dreamy space."


"Akera is a magical place deep in the woods and perfect for quiet contemplation or a party. Built with love to inspire awe."

Dr. Pippa Malmgren

Former US Presidential Advisor

"My mini getaway with my family was exactly what we needed — beautiful scenery, nature, tranquility, and peace. As a creative, it was just the perfect place where we can do both; relax and work. Our children enjoyed playing outdoors in nature and painting, while my husband and I enjoyed the Sauna, hot tub, yoga, meditation, and hiking around the area. We can't wait to come back!"


"Our room was spectacular (fig wallpaper, beautiful shower, spacious and lovely). The yoga space was delightful as well, and the kitchen was perfect for our group/large meals."


"Truly a stunning location with luxurious accomodations and an at-home feel. The hiking is wonderful and you feel one with nature. An outstanding way to spend the weekend."


"AKERA really is a special place. My family and I loved all of the beauty and playfulness that this retreat had to offer. From the relaxing moments in the hot tub and communing in the family room by the fire, to play dates at the tree house and painting under the sun. A perfect place to relax and recharge."


"The rooms are gorgeous. Lots of cozy nooks and spots to relax in. Shower was really nice."


"I instantly felt at ease walking into AKERA. It's a beautiful and thought out space."


"AKERA is such a beautiful place and a wonderful place to host a retreat or have a family reunion. The staff were so kind, responsive and enthusiastic about us being there and I look forward to returning many times. A real treasure in upstate NY! Thank you, Akera!"


"Have had some incredible times at AKERA, absolutely gorgeous and magical place. The raw nature is stunning and the spaces themselves are all beautifully designed."


"If you are looking for an extraordinary setting dedicated to spiritual transformation and personal growth, look no more. Safe, relaxing, and filled with peace, this sanctuary offers an authentic and meaningful place to experience and inspire. This is an experience for nature lovers that will have incredible appeal and be a memorable stop on your life’s journey, as it was for me."


"The folks at AKERA are in the process of building something special. I look forward to coming back to experience it again. It was wonderful practicing yoga with like-minded women in the beautiful yoga space at AKERA."


"AKERA is a haven. The perfect place for people to connect with nature and with each other. You'll never want to leave."


"Akera was tucked away in the Catskill Mountains, and a lovely place to land for a weekend yoga retreat. The intention and beauty put into all the spaces was exceptional, and although I was with 30 women there was plenty of room for me to find comfortable solitude or a cozy couch to share with others. I loved how far away from everything it felt; I couldn't hear a single noise from cars or neighbors, and only the birds greeted us in the morning. I slept well, we all ate well and felt very taken care of. I would be delighted to return with a large or small group in the future!"


"AKERA is an oasis. Warm, welcoming, relaxing, and beautiful."


"So much beauty, love, care and vibe has been created for this property. What it offers to retreat leaders and experience designers like me is perfect for the caliber of events that we produce. They've thought of everything and more. I'm so happy to have found this venue and am excited to host many gatherings here in the years to come!"


"AKERA is a unique and special place for healing. I loved sipping morning coffee overlooking the rolling hills and walking back and forth from movement amongst the wildflowers on the path. It provides a serene backdrop for inner work and a beautiful space for community."


"AKERA was a much needed paradise-like getaway...It was the perfect place to relax and unwind: spacious, cozy, and peaceful. As much as I did not want the winter weekend to end, I cannot wait to come back and experience AKERA in the Spring!"


"We visited Akera this spring, and were immediately charmed by the long drive through fields of wildflowers and its curved entryway bordered by Catskills woodland. It’s a safe and secluded retreat for the soul, and the children among us delighted in the sense of freedom they found at Akera."


"I had such a great stay at AKERA. The property and the house were so relaxing and had so many beautiful details. I look forward to returning."


"I was at AKERA for a retreat. Lodged at the Grand Chalet. Awesome experience of spirituality, nature and beauty."


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