"Where will my heart lead if I've yet to wander so many unknown paths?"

Paulo Coelho

Environment, in which we find ourselves, whether built or natural, has a profound influence over our well-being, given that the majority of the world’s population spend more than 95% of their time indoors, and often isolated, it is critically important to foster community in this day and age. AKERA acknowledges nothing in nature exists in isolation. Everything is interconnected and interdependent.

Your consciousness of interdependence in Nature, realizing your place in this world, means that you feel connected with yourself, others and everything around you. With this awareness of the connectedness to one another and to Nature's greater scheme of things you begin to value the need to steward Nature's environment that sustains us, striving to create a harmonious, sustainable world for us all.


We must shift our focus from objects and self to relationship and connection, finding sustainable ways to build and nurture community. People will always gather, because the fact is humans are social creatures. Gathering is powerful because it can inspire us to be more hopeful, more joyful, more connected, more playful curiosity, more thoughtful, more grateful, more elevated, and therefore more present and alive! Community matters because it creates a sense of purpose, builds social connections, and offers a support network. Community engagement is essential, not just finding out what communities want or need, but also supporting them to create change themselves, to promote overall health and well-being. A flourishing life is a life where we can be autonomous and creative beings, while at the same time meeting our deepest needs for belonging as well, to love and be loved, to respect and to be respected. This dynamic quest of navigating our ever-changing particular life situations, that affect the ways of reconciling our need for autonomy and for belonging, takes practice. AKERA aims to create a safe container where all may explore this temple of flowing evolution.

The intention in creating this AKERA experience is to provide the container that empowers all who visit, to find a connection of self, to each other, to our collective ancestral roots, and to the natural beauty all around us, becoming co-creators aligned on the highest vibration, strengthened by our interwoven interdependence. To honor and respect our roots, and in the same breath, acknowledge the need for change in progress, we tap into communal wisdom, to determine the way forward through careful reflection, honest, open dialogue and intentional action, pioneering, new ideas for change, providing the framework for realizing them, and opening up the safe space to transform ideas into concrete forms. We are co-creators of this world, and through our actions we create not only our external world, but our internal world and overall well-being. This unified understanding allows us to open our minds and hearts, bringing out the best from within to work and play well with those around us to enhance the world, feel more alive, to create pleasure, joy and ecological sustainability.


Social change requires that we rewrite our communal narratives. Thus, this isn’t just a story about us, it’s about you, it’s about our collective story. Our guests honor AKERA with their presence and will not leave without having made a unique contribution. AKERA is not just a place to stay or visit but more importantly it is a community space dedicated to environmental sustainability, harmony, and health. AKERA integrates every object, every human, and every action into one large participator work of art. AKERA allows visitors to experience nature in new and exciting ways while enhancing awareness of our mission to connect (from the interior to the exterior) to themselves, others, and nature. AKERA provides a playground for continual creation of immersive experiences to allow visitors to better understand art and concepts through the senses which evoke emotion, imagination, receptiveness, and interactivity, further connecting them to the artwork and its cause. Participatory art is a successful way to make the visitors feel like an integral part of the experience, rather than restricting observers quietly to a safe distance.

AKERA deeply believes in the crucial role that the arts play in shaping lasting change and the future health and overall well-being of our planet and its inhabitants. Art can provide hope and inspiration to the challenges by discovering opportunities for overcoming them. Art can cut through complexities of environmental issues, climate crisis, social inequality, economic crises, and other challenges, and make it vivid and accessible to help people better understand the facts behind these issues, raise awareness around the problems facing our world. With the foresight of ever-growing global milage we proceed with the intention of bringing people of different origin together and in alignment for the culture of tomorrow. Visitors will be challenged to bridge the gap between where they are now and what’s next. Visitors will be invited out of their element, challenged to expand, becoming receptive and open up to greater discoveries of self, community, and their part in this world.


While people in community share things in common, they are not the same person. Here at AKERA, you may find yourself pushed outside of your comfort zone and face-to-face with a wealth of new ideas from a diverse group of people. This helps each of us to come across new viewpoints. AKERA aims to inspire curiosity, triggering both memory and imagination, stimulate stronger, more memorable interactions with our environment, striking a harmony between man-made elements and the natural world, embracing the ideas and skills shared here, cultivating a new lifestyle in our everyday life outside of AKERA, with a greater appreciation for nature, our community, ourselves and our place in this world, being aware of the impact we have today and far into the future.

AKERA aims to create a safe space for all to gather, all under one sky, expand your horizons, build bridges to genuinely connect in an inclusive space with our Mother Earth and each other, transform ourselves, raising awareness of the present, our thoughts and our actions, planting seeds and cultivating impactful changes, activating our own evolution to ease suffering and co-create peace and harmony.

AKERA aims to not only create different lenses for our guests to explore and discover themselves, their talents, their relationship with others, and their connection with nature, but further deepening the development of their place in this world, becoming effective stewards of our earth. Each finding identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to community, with compassion and peace. We aim to create a friendly space to fearlessly reach out to fellow humans and invite others to explore new relationships and aliveness.

It’s been said that magic cannot be made, it can only be invited. AKERA is designed to create a space that invites magic and inspiration. AKERA awakens your senses, leading you to feel more alive and present, in our individually designed rooms that, like you, are each unique and not like the masses. So, if you too are hungry for something different, with a nod to elegance, quality, which pushes boundaries and opens portals, with a new level of detail creating this unique custom-tailored bespoke AKERA experience, being a part of something bigger than yourself, than you have come to the right place.


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