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Create your event / retreat at AKERA

Our passion is hosting groups, and we can assist you to create a retreat or event tailored perfectly for you and your guests.

You can host an event any time year-round — from wellness retreats, to company offsites, to family gatherings.

  • yoga retreats
  • meditation workshops
  • dance workshops
  • artist workshops
  • art/music festivals
  • live music events
  • corporate retreats
  • conferences
  • team building events
  • health & wellness retreats
  • weddings
  • birthdays
  • anniversaries
  • baby showers
  • retirement parties
  • graduations
  • holiday parties
  • engagement parties
  • couple getaways
  • family reunions
  • photography shoots
  • film shoots
  • youth groups
  • class trips
  • school breaks camps
  • summer camps
  • planet friendly approach seminars nature programing
  • charities and fundraisers

Discover if AKERA is a fit for you as a retreat host, newly engaged couple looking for a wedding venue, transformational leader or corporate event planner, by tapping into the planning support and resources here at AKERA.

Want support with details? We’re happy to help!

Let us guide you in designing your own bespoke AKERA experience.

As a host, your AKERA Experience begins well before you arrive at the venue. You will have many decisions to make about location, transportation, dietary concerns, entertainment, emergencies, documents, deposits…the list can seem daunting. We know how many choices and decisions there are in organizing a group event or retreat, and we delight in working out all of these logistics with you to help you create the most successful event possible.

We want to help make your event as wonderful as you do. Experiential events do not just happen — they take proper planning and resources. But don’t worry, we have you covered. The AKERA event management team helps co-design an event that meets the needs of your attendees, creates connections, and places you in the realm of the truly unforgettable.

Let’s co-design your event, as we can help you choose the perfect locations within AKERA to curate a memorable experience for all the participants. We'll share all of our tips and tricks, helping coordinate everything from local chefs to decorators — we have referrals to bring all the details together.

With decades of event coordination and production experience for events large and small, our team knows what to look for to make sure your event is handled with ease. Little things make BIG things happen. Rest assured, you’re in good hands at AKERA.


You'll also enjoy...

  • Amazing location to share what you love with others
  • Secluded Event Destination
  • Expansive & Evolving Venue
  • Natural Setting & Eco-Conscious
  • Quality Products, Finishes, and Furnishings
  • Built for Impact
  • Love of Nature & Movement
  • Marketing suggestions and free planning tools
  • Assistance finding, selecting, and solidifying vendors & local resources
  • Immersive Experiences
  • Multiple kitchens to customize the dietary needs of the group
  • Attention to detail — going the extra mile to surprise and delight at every turn
  • Follow-up support after the event ends

The Event Package is subject to 8% Sales Tax. All other items below are included:

  • Site Fees: Use of AKERA’s one hundred twenty-three acres of rolling meadows, babbling waters, forests, ponds, rock formations, a small cave, and horizon views, providing majestic backdrop for Catskill event/activity of your choice. 
  • Building Use: AKERA offers a variety of buildings and spaces exclusively designated for specified usage during the course of the Event. Use of alternate spaces requires additional fees. Between our 4 buildings we have 12 rooms and 9 bathrooms – many of which accommodate many people.  That means we can sleep a group of 9 or so comfortably if everyone wants to have their own bedroom and bathroom. Or 25-30 comfortable if some are willing to share beds and bathrooms, or if it’s a close-knit group, more family style sleeping, where some might be sharing rooms and beds our maximum occupancy between the 4 buildings is around 50.  If you want everyone around one table the Chalet dining room table can seat a group of 10-16 and the Lodge or Sanctuary can be setup with folding tables to accommodate long tables of 18 or U-shaped setup for 50.
  • Accommodations: for up to 50 of your guests to sleep over 
  • The Grand Chalet - 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house includes full kitchen, dining room, gathering room with fireplace, and laundry facilities.
  • Le Petit Chalet  - Country studio cottage with kitchenette, sitting area with a futon convertible couch, downstairs bathroom, second floor king, queen and 4 twins. 
  • The Carriage House –Country studio cabin with kitchenette and sitting area with a futon convertible couch & convertible chair bed downstairs, bathroom, a queen, convertible chair bed, and bonus room with convertible chair bed upstairs loft. 
  • The Sanctuary - Luxury Lodge with kitchenette, gathering space with stage, and three shared hallway bathrooms downstairs, upstairs is another shared hallway bathroom, 3 bedrooms, and a bonus room.  
  • Event Spaces: 
  • Dome(not yet complete) is a 60 foot diameter geodesic dome perched on the top of the property, for the best views, housing a cozy gathering space and 3 bathrooms.  The dome is designed with sacred geometry to allow visitors to fully embrace their surroundings in a peaceful environment.  Open dance and workshop space, flexible for any type of event. Designed for open dance parties, workshops, special events, and ceremonies, the dome is a versatile space for healing and various activities. Roll out the yoga mat, floor mattress, or meditation pillow and relax on the heated floor.
  • Heritage Barn with Vision Dome  AKERA is home to a 6 meter dome, which houses an immersive, multi-sensory psychoactive experience that weaves together breathwork, sound healing and sacred geometry to create a space of awakening, self-love, expanded consciousness and healing.
  • Lodge - This open-floor dance studio is an open 20' by 35' space to gather, create and/or play till your heart's content, with a fully wood paneled interior, and smooth wood flooring, this space is perfect for events, workshops, and long nights on the dance floor.
  • Star Seed - (not yet complete) AKERA is home to Star Seed (a Burning Man favorite), a select piece of interactive art, by artist Kate Raudenbush.  Find pockets of serenity and/or solitude to connect with self, others and/or nature, as you climb on Star Seed for unforgettable mountain and forest views. At 42 feet in height, three sets of curvilinear roots arc their way down and offer a pathway of ascent up thorn-like stairs. Built-in hand holds, foot holds and railings assist the adventurer up 21 feet to a serene refuge in the sky. Built around the geometry of three interlocking circles (a symbol of creation and cell division), octahedrons (one of the Platonic Solids, the shapes of the simplest chemical building blocks of all matter in the universe), this aerial refuge is made of curvilinear organic plant shapes and elevates the visitor in one of three 6-foot wide cushioned lounge areas . Gathering around an illuminated central pyramid table, or resting on its leaf-like walls and gazing upwards, you see the geometry of the entire structure of leaves radiating out above you. At night: I imagine hours spent with friends, gathering in this astral bower, when the central pyramid glows like an amber yellow fire, inviting connection around a galactic seed pod in the sky. This interactive sculpture expresses the story of the evolution of the human spirit from the roots of Burning Man culture. For many of us, it is this fertile soil of shared experience - where we are at once unplugged from the world and synchronistically tapped into each other - that we rediscover our creativity, our absurdity, our freedom, generosity, trust and our pure raw joy. We have created our own myths and our own rituals, and we live by ethics of our own making. We have built sacred spaces and created transformational art, and we have learned to let them go. We have surrendered to the rhythms of sunset and moonrise, and moon set and sunrise. We feel the vastness of possibility. We feel hope for humanity. We feel it, because we have created it. And because we created this seed from this divine common ground, we live it fearlessly. Star Seed occupies that space where our earth-bound bodies root in the dust, gather together, and rise to meet our higher selves.
  • Grand Chalet Great Room – is an open 20' by 22' space to gather, create and/or play till your heart's content, with smooth wood flooring  and windows filled with light and mountain views. This space is perfect for intimate events, small workshops, small cocktail hours, meditation, breakout groups, small group meal, and so much more
  • Grand Chalet Kitchen/Dining Room - is a fairly open 20' by 32' space to gather, create and/or play till your heart's content, with tile floor, a counter with stools and large wood table that seats a group of 10-16. This space is perfect for intimate events, small workshops, small cocktail hours, meditation, breakout groups, small group meal, and so much more
  • Main-Floor Sanctuary -  is an open 28' by 19' space to gather, create and/or play till your heart's content, with heated floor, cathedral stage area, and flexible seating (traditional or floor seating style). This space is perfect for intimate events, small workshops, small cocktail hours, meditation, breakout groups, small group meal, and so much more.
  • Outdoor Locations - variety of outdoor location on the property, including but not limited to: grand lawn, fields, hilltop, forest, and pond.
  • Facility Features:
  • Cedar Soak Tub - discover restoration while you sit in stillness, basking in AKERA’s cedar soaking hot tub immersed in nature, as you overlook the pristine Catskill Mountains with horizon views of sunset and sunrise. This unique bathing experience with a one of a kind cedar hot tub provides a luxurious and refreshing option to look over the land and connect with nature in serenity.  
  • Panoramic Sauna - connect to nature and relaxation in AKERA’s timeliness barrel shape cedar (8 person) sauna with wooden benches to enjoy the company of friends and/or loved ones taking in the aromatic scents of cedar and the panoramic views of the fields, distant mountains and forest.
  • Fire Pits – there is something magical about gathering around a campfire in nature, observing all the night sky have to offer.  Multiple designated campfire locations available.  (One location is by the grand chalet & one is by the pond)
  • Grandfather tree – connect with nature on a raised platform tree house
  • Tea House – perched on the hill, this space provides the serene atmosphere to look out to the horizon, meditation, relax, be present and reconnect to oneself, others, and nature.
  • Hammock Haven – location amongst the trees to relax and unwind, while connecting with nature.
  • Mystical Cave – natural rock formation to take shelter and relax, meditate, and/or explore what nature has to offer.  
  • Stone Archway – stone archway, creating an entry into the field, perfect location for ceremonies, photos, and/or just watching the sun set. 
  • Nature Trail – Trails throughout the property, going from main property to lake and beyond.
        1. And so much more not mentioned here
  • Equipment 
  • Full Kitchen equipped with the basics: a full-size refrigerator with freezer and ice maker, sink, oven, microwave, toaster, dishwasher, dish soap, dish detergent/tabs, water kettle, coffee machine and French press.  AKERA supplies include all the basics: silverware (big/small forks, butter knives, big/small spoons), glassware (high/low & stemless wine glasses) & shatterproof glassware, mugs, dishware & shatterproof dishware (bowls and plates), cookware (pot/pan set), cutting board, cooking utensils (spatula, serving fork, serving spoon), peeler, kitchen knives, cheese grater, measuring cups, wine key, pot holders, oven mit, salt, pepper, olive oil, sugar (sugar substitute), coffee, tea, non-dairy creamer, and kitchen towels.
  • Propane Grill – Propane included 
  • Charcoal Grill – Charcoal not include please bring your own
  • Tables 
          1. Four 6’ x 37” wood farm tables (either 20” floor tables or 30” regular height) 
          2. Four 8’ x 37” wood farm tables (either 20” floor tables or 30” regular height) 
  • Chairs – 50 Fruitwood ivory padded folding chairs
  • Stoneware, Glassware, & Flatware for 30
  • Yoga/Meditation/Movement Equipment 
          1. 50 black and gold yoga matts
          2. 50 yoga blocks
          3. 50 yoga straps
          4. 50 Mexican yoga blankets in a variety of colors
          5. 50 Meditation pillows/floor cushions
  • Karate Equipment
          1. Karate mats
          2. 18 Punching Mitts
          3. 8 Large Kick Shields
          4. 2 Small Kick Shields
          5. 4 Padded blocking Guards
          6. 9 Kick Pads
  • Event Design and Logistics: AKERA works with every client to design an event that represents the needs of the group.  Every event is carefully tailored to meet aesthetic and budgetary requirements of the Client.  To ensure the wedding goes off without a hitch, AKERA provides design, coordination, and support for every event.  Let’s co-DESIGN the event, as we can help you choose the perfect locations within AKERA to help you get the most out of each of the spaces and to curate a memorable AKERA experience for all the guests/participants.  Let us share all our tips and tricks, helping COORDINATE everything from local chefs to plan your special menu to decorators for those personalized touches, we have referrals to bring all the details together.  With decades of event coordination and production experience for events large and small, our team knows what to look for to make sure your event is handled with ease. Little things, make BIG things happen. Rest assured, you’re in good hands at AKERA. 
  • Design & Planning: Site Plan, Table Chart: The Event Team will contact the Client to schedule a series of phone meetings to discuss and finalize a Site Plan and Table Chart. The Table Chart is provided to the Client in the form of an electronic layout of the reception. Every aspect of this process is finalized in direct consultation with the Client.
  • Logistics- Coordination and Support: 
  • Vendor Consultation: In addition to the Site Plan and Table Chart consultation, the Event Team discusses outside vendors with each Client and offers support in this regard.  Recommendations are provided on request.  Outside vendors include: Chef/Caterer, DJs, bands, florists, hair stylists, photographers, videographers, massage therapists, yoga instructors, transportation, etc.
  • Reservations Consultation: In addition to the Site Plan, Table Chart, and Vendor consultation, the Event Team offers consultation regarding accommodations for the entire event.  Details are reviewed including bed configurations, occupancies, bathroom types, and locations.

Bounce Houses
Various bounce houses available for rental ($350-$750).

Audio / Video
Come enjoy the outdoors with a large screen projecting what you choose to fit your group. Price does not include a public viewing license, viewing license does not include movie, and the price does not include the movie.

Outdoor movie screen / projector screen & projector ($600)
Portable PA system & mic ($100)

Firewood available at $10/bundle after your first complimentary bundle.



Enchanting spaces to rest and renew



AKERA has a space for every moment



Find the perfect partners for your event


Things to Do

Go beyond AKERA and explore the area


AKERA offers fully customizable itineraries, providing you the freedom and flexibility to create a schedule based on your needs and preferences while benefitting from our curated recommendations.

At AKERA, you don't need to spend hours browsing through numerous blogs, websites, or outside vendors to gather information and piece together your itinerary. Instead, AKERA has put together example itineraries with well-rounded suggestions and planning resources — providing you the opportunity to tailor your stay.


Find answers to your questions about AKERA. Question not covered here? Visit our full FAQ page.

AKERA’s address is 2299 Ulster Heights Rd, Woodbourne, NY 12788, which is 100 miles from NYC and located in the Catskill Mountains. The Catskill Mountains lie in southeastern New York State.

AKERA is located in Woodbourne NY, 100 miles from NYC.

Driving: Car parking is complimentary to all visitors. CARPOOLING IS SUGGESTED WHEN POSSIBLE!

From Albany and points North:

  • Take the New York State Thruway (1-87) South towards New York City
  • Take Exit 16, Harriman/US-6 (see below)

From New York City and Points South:

  • Take the New York State Thruway (1-87) North/West to Exit 16, Harriman/US-6. After toll, merge slightly right onto NY-17 West (towards US-6/Harriman) OR Take Palisades Parkway to Exit 18 (US-6) and merge onto NY-17 West
  • Travel approximately 30 miles on NY-17 West to Wurtsboro
  • Take the US-209 ramp to Wurtsboro/Ellenville
  • Turn right to continue onto US-209 North just over 13 miles to Canal St in Ellenville
  • Turn left onto Canal St. In a 0.4 mile turn right onto Cape rd.
  • Continue onto Cape Rd, which becomes Ulster Heights Rd. for just over 9 miles.
  • You will see a sign for AKERA on your left-hand side at 2299 Ulster Heights Rd
  • Proceed up the driveway to enter AKERA


Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR): about 2 Hour from AKERA

3 Brewster Road
Newark, NJ 07114
(973) 961-6000

LaGuardia Airport (LGA): about 2 Hour from AKERA

Queens, NY 11371
(718) 533-3400

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK): about 2 hours & 20 minutes from AKERA

Jamaica, NY 11430
(718) 244-4444

Albany International Airport (ALB): about 2 Hour from AKERA

737 Albany Shaker Rd
Albany, NY 12211
(518) 242-2222

Westchester County Airport (HPN): about 2 Hours from AKERA

240 Airport Rd
White Plains, NY 10604
(914) 995-4860

Stewart-Newburgh International Airport (SWF): about 1 Hour from AKERA

1180 1st Street
New Windsor, NY 12553
(845) 564-2100


Otisville NJ Transit Station - approximately 45 minutes away from AKERA.

Mt Hope, NY 10963

Rhinecliff Amtrak Station (RHI) - approximately one hour away from AKERA.

Hutton St. and Charles St.,Rhinecliff, NY 12574
(800) 872-7245

Poughkeepsie Amtrak Station (POU) - approximately one hour away from AKERA.

41 Main St Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
(800) 872-7245

Garrison Station Metro-North Railroad (Hudson Line) - about 1 hour & 25 minutes away from AKERA.

33 Lower Station Rd, Garrison, NY 10524 


Monticello Shortline Bus Terminal - approximately 30 minutes away from AKERA.

30 Sturgis Rd, Monticello, NY 12701.

There are also several buses each day that connect to Woodridge bus stop, which is a 15-minute drive from AKERA.

Local Taxi/Cabs:

Once you arrive by train/bus, you can reach AKERA via Sureway Taxi (845) 794-5050 or Yellow Cab of Monticello  845-794-4040.

AKERA is an ever-evolving intergenerational retreat center. It’s not just a venue, it’s an experience where one can connect (from the interior to the exterior) to themselves, others, and nature, elevating awareness of the present, integrating every object, every human, and every action at AKERA into one large participator work of art and allowing for transformation through this experience. If an eco-friendly venue, with a community atmosphere, impeccable attention to detail, surrounded by unique nature, spectacular views and plenty of adventure or resting opportunities to choose from, sound like the ingredients of an enchanting experience, then AKERA is for you! We invite you to come see for yourself… experience the land that touches the aliveness in your heart and awakens your soul with peace and connection.

For event planners looking to start their own retreat, it can be challenging to find the right venue. Some retreat hosts choose to stay at Airbnbs or Vrbo rentals while others seek more traditional retreat centers for rent. Here are some reasons why renting an overnight retreat center is a better option than a vacation rental.

  1. Retreat centers offer dedicated spaces for activities (i.e. yoga studios, dining rooms, classrooms, swimming pools, workout rooms, etc.). Most Airbnbs, on the other hand, do not have these amenities.
  2. Retreat centers typically have a dedicated staff, including maintenance, planners, and facilitators. This means that retreat hosts don’t have to focus as much on logistics or hiring outside help.
  3. The business model for retreat centers incentivizes them to keep good rapport with retreat hosts. Airbnb or Vrbo hosts can sometimes cancel at the last minute, which never occurs with retreat centers.  If the Airbnb/vrbo owner of a private property does not clearly know what your purpose of your event is, you are at risk of losing the property at any time, even on the day of your retreat or a couple of days prior to your arrival.
  4. Using AirBnB/Vrbo private properties can be very risky because most properties on AirBnB/Vrbo clearly state that gatherings, groups and of course parties are not allowed. This is often because they only carry insurance for private users – not for group business events, which means if something happens at your event at those private properties it’s likely not covered. 
  5. Nowadays, it’s quite easy to research reviews for retreat centers, hotels and resorts, however private AirBnB/Vrbo rentals can be a little trickier, they can switch ownership or property management between reviews and the standards of different properties can be much more inconsistent.

Our passion is hosting groups such as yours. We designed AKERA just for you and would love to help you host here. We can assist you to create a retreat or event tailored perfectly for you and your guests.
In today’s world, people crave connection and experiences, which AKERA offers both. With so many demands for people’s time and attention, when guests show up to your event, they show up looking for something real, authentic, and memorable.

Aside from our amazing idyllic setting and central NY location, what sets us apart is the truly unique energy that allows you to focus on your craft, mastery, content, and bond with your guests throughout your stay.

People will always gather, because humans are social creatures. Gathering is powerful because it can inspire us to be more hopeful, more joyful, more connected, more playful curiosity, more thoughtful, more grateful, more elevated, and therefore more present and alive! AKERA aims to create a safe space for all to gather, all under one sky, expand your horizons, build bridges to genuinely connect in an inclusive space with our Mother Earth.

We ensure that everything is taken care before you arrive, so you can focus on what you came to AKERA to do. Who would have thought the idea of taking care of people could be such a simple, yet impactful, solution? Come be a part of our community and experience what AKERA has to offer.

Explore our gallery and envision your retreat here.

Don't take our word for it. Read our testimonials.

"AKERA is a magical place to immerse yourself in nature and community. The various spaces, from the kitchen to the sanctuary, provide opportunities to gather in comfort and beauty. During my stay there, I never wanted for anything and was able to completely unplug and relax. I highly recommend this space for retreats or big family/friend gatherings. It won’t disappoint! The space was beautiful! I love how it created so many opportunities to be in community with others. The sanctuary is such a dreamy space."


"Akera is a magical place deep in the woods and perfect for quiet contemplation or a party. Built with love to inspire awe."

Dr. Pippa Malmgren

Former US Presidential Advisor

"My mini getaway with my family was exactly what we needed — beautiful scenery, nature, tranquility, and peace. As a creative, it was just the perfect place where we can do both; relax and work. Our children enjoyed playing outdoors in nature and painting, while my husband and I enjoyed the Sauna, hot tub, yoga, meditation, and hiking around the area. We can't wait to come back!"


"Our room was spectacular (fig wallpaper, beautiful shower, spacious and lovely). The yoga space was delightful as well, and the kitchen was perfect for our group/large meals."


"Truly a stunning location with luxurious accomodations and an at-home feel. The hiking is wonderful and you feel one with nature. An outstanding way to spend the weekend."


"AKERA really is a special place. My family and I loved all of the beauty and playfulness that this retreat had to offer. From the relaxing moments in the hot tub and communing in the family room by the fire, to play dates at the tree house and painting under the sun. A perfect place to relax and recharge."


"The rooms are gorgeous. Lots of cozy nooks and spots to relax in. Shower was really nice."


"I instantly felt at ease walking into AKERA. It's a beautiful and thought out space."


"AKERA is such a beautiful place and a wonderful place to host a retreat or have a family reunion. The staff were so kind, responsive and enthusiastic about us being there and I look forward to returning many times. A real treasure in upstate NY! Thank you, Akera!"


"Have had some incredible times at AKERA, absolutely gorgeous and magical place. The raw nature is stunning and the spaces themselves are all beautifully designed."


"If you are looking for an extraordinary setting dedicated to spiritual transformation and personal growth, look no more. Safe, relaxing, and filled with peace, this sanctuary offers an authentic and meaningful place to experience and inspire. This is an experience for nature lovers that will have incredible appeal and be a memorable stop on your life’s journey, as it was for me."


"The folks at AKERA are in the process of building something special. I look forward to coming back to experience it again. It was wonderful practicing yoga with like-minded women in the beautiful yoga space at AKERA."


"AKERA is a haven. The perfect place for people to connect with nature and with each other. You'll never want to leave."


"Akera was tucked away in the Catskill Mountains, and a lovely place to land for a weekend yoga retreat. The intention and beauty put into all the spaces was exceptional, and although I was with 30 women there was plenty of room for me to find comfortable solitude or a cozy couch to share with others. I loved how far away from everything it felt; I couldn't hear a single noise from cars or neighbors, and only the birds greeted us in the morning. I slept well, we all ate well and felt very taken care of. I would be delighted to return with a large or small group in the future!"


"AKERA is an oasis. Warm, welcoming, relaxing, and beautiful."


"So much beauty, love, care and vibe has been created for this property. What it offers to retreat leaders and experience designers like me is perfect for the caliber of events that we produce. They've thought of everything and more. I'm so happy to have found this venue and am excited to host many gatherings here in the years to come!"


"AKERA is a unique and special place for healing. I loved sipping morning coffee overlooking the rolling hills and walking back and forth from movement amongst the wildflowers on the path. It provides a serene backdrop for inner work and a beautiful space for community."


"AKERA was a much needed paradise-like getaway...It was the perfect place to relax and unwind: spacious, cozy, and peaceful. As much as I did not want the winter weekend to end, I cannot wait to come back and experience AKERA in the Spring!"


"We visited Akera this spring, and were immediately charmed by the long drive through fields of wildflowers and its curved entryway bordered by Catskills woodland. It’s a safe and secluded retreat for the soul, and the children among us delighted in the sense of freedom they found at Akera."


"I had such a great stay at AKERA. The property and the house were so relaxing and had so many beautiful details. I look forward to returning."


"I was at AKERA for a retreat. Lodged at the Grand Chalet. Awesome experience of spirituality, nature and beauty."



Next Steps



Use our form to tell us all the details about your gathering



Submit your signed contract and 25% deposit



Work with our expert planning staff to curate an event to remember



Time to relax, soak in those memories, and enjoy the best of AKERA experience.

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