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Our vision is forging the future for young and old minds to innovate, create and see anew.

Our core values are rooted in caring for Mother Earth and for our brothers and sisters on the planet, finding ways to coexist in harmony, cultivating connections with oneself, those around us and nature, respecting the role our environment plays in overall well-being, and sharing methods and ideas to bring awareness, making life enhanced and more enriched today and into the future for all.

AKERA deeply believes in the crucial role that the arts play in shaping lasting change and the future health and overall well-being of our planet and its inhabitants. Art can provide hope and inspiration to the challenges by discovering opportunities for overcoming them and bridging the gap between where they are now and what’s next.

To do this we maintain a core mission to honor and sustain the Earth and all of its inhabitants for now and future generations.

We strongly believe in the intrinsic value of connecting to nature as a way to recharge, to fuel innovation, to fulfill our greater purpose of positively impacting the world now and for future generations.


If you would like to show your support for our Vision & Mission, and help us make a deeper impact on the world, there are many ways you can help:



Stay at AKERA - for every booking, a tree will be purchased and planted on the land


Giving Circle

Your gift, large or small, helps us continue to develop additional: experiences, art installations, gathering spaces, generative agriculture, youth programing, educational opportunities, to further our mission to build lasting relationships and connections to innovate, create and see anew.


Join Us

Become a member, become a contributor, or join the team!

As a Member of AKERA, you play an integral part in supporting our mission to inspire people to discover and embrace a meaningful connection to themselves, each other, nature, and the arts. Member benefits include, one complimentary night stay, discounts on events and programing, exclusive invitations to private events, and so much more.

As a Contributor of AKERA, you have a hand in the creation of at least a part of magic that occurs at AKERA.

  • Facilitators – bring a group(s) or programing to AKERA for others to experience the: Presence, Connection, and Transformation that can occur here.
  • Advocate – refer others to AKERA to further bring awareness. Join our loyalty program and receive a gift from AKERA for every referral.
  • Residency – stay at AKERA and become a co-creator.
  • Educator – contribute to the learning library or bring programing to AKERA for others to experience the: Presence, Connection, and Transformation

Join our Staff as one of the team that make AKERA experiences possible.

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