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The AKERA Learning Library

AKERA's aim in creating the Learning Library is to provide a curation of educational resources and tools to assist students, educators, facilitators, facilities and the community in evolving environmental sustainability, harmony, health and well-being of the planet and its inhabitants.

The AKERA Learning Library will be a place where you can inquire, explore, discover, read, watch, listen, collaborate, experiment, create, present, and contribute in a future focused learning environment. AKERA’s hope with this project is to help communities develop the skills to not just incorporate knowledge, but to put that knowledge into action, to acquire critical and creative thinking skills required for a new lifestyle and lifelong learning, to be equipped to be flexible and adapt to the ever-changing world around us.


AKERA is committed to shaping lasting change for the future health and overall well-being of our planet and its inhabitants. While we continue creating additional resources for eco-conscious approaches and raising awareness around the problems facing our environment and the world we are a part of, we are looking to build relationships with like-minded eco-stewards, providing inspiration for discovering opportunities for overcoming these issues.

Nothing in Nature exists in isolation. Your consciousness of interdependence in Nature, realizing your place in this world, means that you feel connected with yourself, others and everything around you. AKERA aims to inspire action to protect mother nature and all of its inhabitants, becoming a catalyst of awareness for the fragility of our planet, without making humanity’s part in the world insignificant. Within nature lies the cure for humanity.

AKERA envisions the Learning Library as a place for thought leaders, change-makers and community builders, to come together, to connect with nature, to share eco-conscious approaches and immersive experience methods, to aid in the synthesis of ideas, processes, or procedures, to develop a new program, to implement systems and structures, to develop plant friendly approaches, and so much more — which then can be shared and made accessible to the world.

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